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An appeal was launched in 2010 to move the modern shed then located at Drummuir to Dufftown. The shed was re-erected at Dufftown May 2012 and the shed has already proved its worth by enabling us to repaint and overhaul some stock. Installing the floor and laying a second track into the shed became the priorities.

An application was made to the Heritage Lottery Fund and was successful in obtaining a grant for the laying of the concrete floor in the shed at Dufftown and some associated work. The following Press Release gives details of the grant and the work it is to cover:

Keith & Dufftown Railway Association

New Heritage Lottery Funded project at Dufftown Railway Station

The Keith & Dufftown Railway Association is pleased to announce the receipt of a grant of £48,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund towards the laying of a concrete floor, complete with inspection pit and visitors’ viewing area in our recently erected loco shed. A disabled access will also be provided to ensure that everyone with an interest in heritage railways can get to the viewing area.

As part of the project we will also provide a training centre and heritage centre at Dufftown station so that visitors can learn more about the history of the Railway.

The Keith & Dufftown Railway Association was formed in 1993 with the aim of restoring the railway line between Keith and Dufftown and reintroducing passenger services. June 2000 saw trains operating once again on this historic line, which first opened in 1862.

The Railway is operated entirely by volunteers and the new facilities will enable us to provide a safe working environment for our volunteers and extend our acquisition programme for more rolling stock/carriages to run on the line.

We will also be able to convey the heritage railway experience to a greater audience including those who are not currently railway enthusiasts but would enjoy the learning journey.

Commenting on the award, Steve Rhodes, a Director of the Railway said “We are thrilled to have received the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund and are confident that the project will not only improve our ability to maintain and restore vintage rail vehicles but also assist in attracting more volunteers to help us expand our current operations and boost our position as one of the major tourist attractions in Moray, which will also bring in additional income to the local economy”.

For further information please contact Steve Rhodes on 07531 829647 or e-mail


The KDRA marked another significant milestone when the engine shed at Dufftown was officially opened, on Friday 14th October 2016, by Priscilla Gordon - Duff, Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Banffshire. There were about 35 people there including representatives from various newspapers – The Banffshire Herald, The Scotsman and The Press & Journal. The engine shed proved its worth again by sheltering the dignitaries and guests from the rain which lasted throughout the opening ceremony.

The above left photo shows The Wee Mac, driven by Phin Sloan and carrying the Deputy Lord Lieutenant, entering the shed and ceremonially breaking a tape to begin the ceremony. Right photo shows Priscilla Gordon – Duff having unveiled a plaque on the wall recording the official opening of the shed.

Further photos and information on the official shed opening can be found near the top of the Appeals page.


The Ghost Train ran twice, once on the 28th October 2016 and again on 29th October 2016. There was no shortage of passengers as both trains were fully booked well in advance. There follows a small selection of pictures of some of the characters on the trains. Most of what happened on the trains must remain hidden below a dark veil, so if you are brave enough why not book for the 2017 Ghost Trains once booking has opened?

As dusk falls all sorts of creatures begin to emerge; Zombie Guard, Spook and Witch!

A weird crew pose in front of Dufftown Station waiting on their victims, sorry passengers. Is this the driver from Hell? Dracula and the Zombie Guard are already battling it out over who has first pick of the passengers!

A coven of Witches, the Chief Vampire Slayer, his arch foe Dracula and a pack of Zombies wait for the unsuspecting passengers!

The Chief Witch, the Grim Reaper and an unnerving altar on the train, what a brave (unsuspecting) bunch are the passengers.

The Chief Vampire Slayer, his arch foe Dracula and a Driver newly risen from his coffin await the poor souls who have dared to board the Ghost Train. Here we draw the veil over the awful happenings on the Ghost Train. You have been warned!! Beware the 2017 Ghost Trains!!


The following photos were taken over the three weekends that Santa trains ran in December 2016. Have a look through the photos, I’m sure everyone will recognise one familiar face if not the answer follows the pictures.

Well surely everyone recognised Santa as the familiar face?


The Board has agreed that the following are the priority projects:

Short Term – To complete the loco shed by laying the floor and installing a second track within the shed.

Medium Term – To provide or reinstate 4 railway halts. One of these halts, Towiemore is now operational, the remaining halts are still under discussion with all interested parties so no further details can be provided at this stage.

Long Term – To re-establish a rail connection at Keith Junction Station.



The catering we do for our charters is carried out by KDRA and will be done in the Spirit of Dufftown under the name of KDRA Catering. The Spirit of Dufftown is our exclusive Catering Coach run by the Keith & Dufftown Railway Association for charters and pre-booked groups in excess of 10 people. For further information please get in touch through our 'Contact us' Page or call Ros Rhodes on 01466 730327.


On the platform at Dufftown Station you will find the Buffer Stop where you will be made most welcome. Come in and spend some time whether you come by train or just happen to be passing by. The buffer stop will open on Friday 14th April 2017 and close for the season as of Sunday 1st October 2017.


The Tuesday Work Party at Dufftown station historically tended to concentrated on “light work” i.e. smaller tasks that tend to appear further down the list of priorities e.g. painting and keeping the environment tidy etc. However, they are now involved in more major work such as the refurbishment of our rolling stock, Permanent Way and a multitude of other tasks. We can find work suited to everyone’s ability.

Works trains and training runs on our DMU also take place. This is another reason why people should not trespass on the line at any time. We do not just run scheduled services as published in our timetable but works trains on any day of the week and at any time of the day. Many people assume that if there are no scheduled services on a day then there will be no trains but this is very wide of the mark. We can and do run works trains, training runs and line inspections on any day of the week and potentially at any time of the day. Please do not trespass on the line at any time.

Anyone interested in taking part in this group is asked to contact Alistair Coull on 01542 831295. There is always work for any pair of willing hands from weeding, painting, cleaning, joinery, electrical, plumbing, engineering, permanent way, the list is endless. Come along, learn something new or share your skills with others!


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