To promote high standards in the restoration, operation, management and policy development of the Keith & Dufftown Railway.


To restore the track, infrastructure and immediate trackside environment of the eleven miles of line to high engineering standards and pleasing visual appearance.


To conform to the requirements of current legislation regarding operation and safety procedures of the Heritage Railway.


To operate public train services in a professional and effective manner. To maintain operating stock in a safe, clean and servicable condition. To present public areas in a clean and attractive condition, and provide adequate uniformed (or otherwise identified) efficient and helpful staff.


To develop operational strategies to cater for changing market needs and local requirements.


To provide regular and adequate training for all staff to ensure the safe and efficient operation of all aspects of the railway.


To encourage all Association members to contribute to the development of the railway by providing advice and opinion for discussion and participation in planning and activities.


To provide museum facilities for the display of photographs, books and other historical railway artefacts for the benfit of visitors to the railway.


To liase with other organisations to encourage the interchange of ideas to their mutual benefit.


To maintain an integrated management structure which actively encourages discussion and interchange of ideas. To ensure all information is presented to the board for decisions affecting the progress of the Association are made.


To ensure all information relevant to the aspirations and progress of the railway's development are available to the Association's membership.


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