All directors and members of the Association shall abide by the objectives constraints and instructions as described in the Articles of Association of the company.


All income received by the Association shall be used to further the aims of the Association. All financial transactions shall be recorded in a book of accounts. These accounts shall be examined by a qualified person annually and presented in accordance with the requirements of the Registrar of Companies and the Chariry Commissioners.


An annual general meeting will be held every twelve months. Audited accounts will be offered for acceptance at this meeting.


Requests for donations from members of the Association or the public shall describe precisely the purpose to which such donations will be applied. Any subscriber may request a copy of the accounts relating to the donation appeal upon payment of a suitable charge.


Suitable insurance cover will be in place to cover claims of loss, damage, injury or death of members of the public on Association property. Similar cover shall be in place to protect members of the Association, or agents, when carrying out their duties.


All Association members, agents or others on railway business shall comply with the relevant Statutory Requirements and Codes of Practice.


Operations will be carried out by Association members or agents, to the highest standards. Adequate provision must be made to ensure the safety of the public and Association members at all times. All operational procedures will be carried out according to the Association's written directives and operating rules. Due regard will be given to Statutory Requirements and Codes of Practice. Adequate, competent supervision will monitor all traffic operations.


All Association members will have adequate training suitable for their duties, and be duly examined before being allowed to undertake operational duties. Re-examination of all members engaged on operational duties will take place at regular intervals. Operational staff when carrying out line or yard duties will wear high-visibility vests or jackets, hard-hats, industrial boots or shoes and orange or yellow overalls with other specified work-ware and safety equipment.


Members of the public will be carefully monitored when on Association property. Agreed specific requests for access will be approved by the issue of a written authority. This will define exactly the areas of permitted access, time limits on the approved access and expected conduct when on railway property. High-visibility vests, sashes or arm-bands of distinctive design to allow recognition of operational staff from members of the public, will be worn. The dangers inherent in railway operations may result in the non authorised presence of the public in operational areas being treated as trespass. Notices to this effect will be displayed in public areas.


All work carried out on the Association's property will be managed in an environmentally sensitive manner. Considerable effort will be made to maintain visually attractive locations along the route for the benfit of everyone.


© 2007, the Keith & Dufftown Railway Association